Intellectual Property

From copyright infringement to trade secret misappropriation, we will protect your interests and zealously prosecute any encroachments on your intellectual property. No case is too small, no defendant is too big.

Intellectual Property Lawyer in Jackson, TN

Gibson Perryman is well established in the area of intellectual property. Being in Jackson, we know the creativity that flows through this city and we are proud to play our part in protecting that. If you are in search of an intellectual property lawyer in Jackson, TN, you have come to the right place.

Intellectual property includes areas of:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Copyright media
  • Entertainment law
  • Patent applications and validity
  • Trademarks
  • Branding
  • Trade secret misappropriation

In short, we will walk you through the process for registering copyrights. The US copyright office registered 484,529 copyrights in the year of 2022. Together, we will put proper measures in place to get yours registered while protecting your trade secrets. We will prosecute the theft of your copyright or trademark protected works.

Furthermore, when your rights and interests demand aggressive courtroom defense, Gibson Perryman is a leading intellectual property lawyer in Jackson, TN. Renowned throughout western Tennessee for their courtroom prowess, these seasoned litigators are relentless in securing favorable results for their clients.

What Is Intellectual Property?

intellectual property lawyer memphis tn

Intellectual property is any kind of intellectual creation, such as literary works, artistic works, inventions, designs, symbols, names, images, or computer code. Intellectual property law exists in order to protect the creators of these inventions and designs. These copyrights are intangible and owned by the company or the creator. There are four main types of intellectual property rights:

  • Patents: An exclusive right granted for an invention that provides a new way of doing something. A patent could also be extended to something that offers a new technical solution to a problem.
  • Trademarks: A legal and recognizable sign, phrase, or symbol that denotes it from all others of its kind.
  • Copyrights: Granted by law to protect original works of authorship.
  • Trade Secrets: This kind of intellectual property encompasses both technical and confidential information. Trade secrets usually contain something unknown that set it apart from other information.

Why Choose Gibson Perryman As Your Intellectual Property Attorney

All in all, our practice experience includes defending against claims of copyright infringement and prosecuting intellectual property rights in the music industry, defending and prosecuting software copyright infringement and trade secret misappropriation claims, and structuring joint authorship and copyright ownership agreements. As a leading intellectual property lawyer in Tennessee, we are committed to bringing you the best result possible. Contact one of our attorneys in Jackson today.



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