Child Custody

Gibson Perryman assists clients navigating the difficult and taxing emotional turmoil inherent to proceedings involving children. Our attorneys work closely with our clients to protect and secure the best interests of their children.

Jackson Child Custody Attorney

The attorneys at Gibson Perryman are well-versed in all matters pertaining to child custody/visitation, dependency/neglect, child support, grandparents’ visitation rights, and more. If you are in search of a Jackson child custody attorney, you have come to the right place.

Tennessee child custody laws are designed to maximize each parent’s involvement in the minor children’s lives, while simultaneously protecting the children’s best interests. When courts are making determinations regarding custody and visitation, numerous factors play into the decision-making process regarding parenting arrangements for children. It is more than just a schedule. Such decisions include which parent has the right to make major decisions affecting the children’s futures, or what rights a parent has in the event of a relocation. Having an experienced child custody attorney in Jackson, TN is invaluable in securing your rights and protecting your children.

Gibson Perryman works through the Chancery, Circuit, and Juvenile courts throughout Tennessee on all issues related to protecting the best interests of children. The versatility of the attorneys at Gibson Perryman allows your legal team to navigate the various nuances and particularities of each environment, including the Local Rules of Practice, to better serve our clients and their interests.

Child Support

Child support issues might seem relatively straight forward but often times involve much more complex legal issues than parents realize. Keeping track of all the credits and calculations involved can quickly become tiresome for an individual that lacks the proper legal training. Fortunately, the attorneys at Gibson Perryman possess the knowledge and experience necessary to guide clients through the processes of:

  • Establishing an initial child support order to ensure that a parent is not paying too little or too much;
  • Calculating back child support arrears;
  • Ensuring the proper credits are given for other children;
  • Ensuring that any children with special needs are properly looked after and provided for;
  • Modifying child support because of a change in circumstances; and
  • Enforcing child support orders when an obligor parent is not paying.

It is critical that any parent facing child support issues hire a professional versed not only in the Tennessee statutory code related to child support but in the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines and any applicable case law. Gibson Perryman is dedicated to not just protecting their client’s interest, but educating the client along the way so that they understand the sometimes confusing legal decisions that have significant effects on their lives.

Child Custody Attorney Jackson, TN

If you find yourself dealing with child custody in Jackson, having an experienced child custody lawyer is necessary for securing your rights and protecting your children. We are woven into the tapestry of Collierville life, constantly engaging, listening, and responding to the ever-evolving needs of our city. Our dedication to justice is matched only by our dedication to the people we serve. Every child custody case we take, every individual we represent, contributes to the fabric of our shared pursuit—a more just, more equitable, and more inclusive Jackson.

Who Receives Custody?

jackson child custody attorney

The best interest of the child (or children) always comes first when determining who gets child custody. The criteria for child custody are set out in a statute TCA 36-6-106, a copy of which is in the Custody Appendix. They will include the following matters:

  • Love, affection, and emotional ties existing between parents and child
  • Ability of parents to provide child with food, clothing, medical care, education, and other necessary care
  • Degree to which a parent has been primary caregiver
  • Importance of continuity in child’s life and length of time child has lived in a stable environment
  • Stability of family unit of parents
  • Mental and physical health of parents
  • Home, school, and community record of child
  • Reasonable preference of child if he or she is twelve (12) years of age or older
  • Evidence of physical or emotional abuse to child, parent, or to any other person
  • Character and behavior of any other person who resides in or frequents home of a parent and that person’s interactions with child
  • Each parent’s past and potential for future performance of parenting responsibilities

Gibson Perryman stands as a reliable child custody attorney in Jackson, TN, as we are ready to best serve you and your child. As a leading law firm in Jackson, TN, our dedication echoes the enduring spirit of a nation that cherishes its citizens’ freedoms and strives to ensure justice, equality, and the flourishing of all. Contact us today to get in touch.



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