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Gibson Perryman will vigorously defend your constitutional rights. Our attorneys fight for justice at the municipal, state, and federal levels daily. From everyday traffic citations to capital offenses, the attorneys at Gibson Perryman are here for you.

Enforcement never takes the possibility of a driver under the influence lightly. If enforcement suspects that you might be intoxicated, you could encounter a challenging journey ahead. Do not face the penalties that come with drunk driving alone. If you experience a DUI incident, reach out to our team of attorneys at Gibson Perryman. We will offer you the assistance of DUI attorneys in Jackson, TN to guide you. Our team always consider the severity of these charges and the impact DUIs can have on families and friends. We want to ensure that we take care of the well-being of you and your family.

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When you hire one of our Jackson DUI attorneys, you receive a whole team effort working on your behalf. We advocate for the empowerment and well-being of every community member, not just practicing the law. In addition to an impressive legacy spanning almost a century of combined experience, our seasoned team stands poised and resolute. We continuously radiate the expertise that only time and dedication can cultivate. Learn more about our team.

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What to Expect After a DUI Arrest

Penalties vary based on the number of DUI or DUI-related offenses on your record. Under the Tennessee law, first time offenders could face the following penalties:

  • Minimum of 48 hours in jail
  • Up to 11 months, 29 days of suspended sentence
  • Up to 11 months, 9 days of probation
  • $350 fine
  • 24 hours of community service
  • Required class focused on alcohol safety
  • Loss of driver’s license for one year

Your situation could our could not result in additional penalties. However, if there is a car crash, a speeding ticket, damaged property, or more, these added penalties could incur.

Can I Get My Driver’s License Back After a DUI?

If you are facing a DUI, you are able to get your driver’s license back after. In order to receive your driver’s license back, you must fulfill all penalties assigned to you. For most offenders, that means you are without your driver’s license for one year. After waiting for one year, you must check off specific steps, pass tests, and complete programs to reinstate your license. If your BAC was at or less than 0.08 at the time of the arrest, contact our DUI attorney in Memphis, TN today.

Will My DUI Be On My Permanent Record?

A DUI conviction will remain on your record permanently. A second offense that occurs within 10 years of a previous conviction enhances your punishment. Minimum jail time could be 45 days. We recognize a DUI permanently stains your record, and we are here to help you navigate expectations during this period.

Is a DUI a Felony in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, a DUI is only a misdemeanor. However a fourth DUI conviction is considered a Class E felony. There are also additional circumstances in which a DUI could be considered a felony such as:

  • Severe Bodily Injury or Death: If your accident occurs while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and someone is severely injured or killed, you may be charged with vehicular assault or vehicular homicide, both of which are felony offenses.
  • Child Endangerment: If you are driving under the influence with a child under the age of 18 in the car, you may be charged with child endangerment, a felony offense.
  • Aggravated DUI: You may be charged with an aggravated DUI (felony offense) if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.20% or higher.

What is the Difference Between DUI and DWI in Tennessee?

DUI stands for driving under the influence, while a DWI stands for driving while intoxicated. In Tennessee, DWI is optional for ages 16-21, while DUI is for adults 21 and older. Between 18 – 20, authorities could charge you with a DUI or a DWI. Get in contact with our Memphis DWI attorneys today.

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